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Utilities are debating what should be the new business model?

We help define Utility 2.0 - Utility of the Future business, operating, technology and market models

What are the building blocks of business model implementation?


We don't sell models but we help utilities develop institutional capability to target customers and quantify value

Utility clients want to test DERMS before committing millions of dollars.

We work with DERMS technology providers to help define business use cases and  manage technology  implementation

How to institutionalize business model tools for our business and customers?

We work with business and IT teams to help translate the subject matter of business models into robust, scale-able tools


Technology providers want to create business models which can demonstrate value of their solutions 


Our deep utility experience enable us to help develop go to market strategy which will succeed 


Department of Transportation offices have challenges in maintaining up to date road networks

We help develop complex GIS based road network management software and maintain them for our clients

Vrinda Inc. helps utilities, policymakers, and regulators figure out how to develop new business and operational models to enable DER-led transformation. We leverage our understanding of regulatory and market conditions and deep relationships with key industry players to help DER providers get innovative technologies into the market.

For examples of our recent work, see our Clients page

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