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Business Model Implementation

​Implementation of innovative business models requires identification, quantification and monetization of the values which are traditionally not available. For long, utilities have understood the need for changing their business model to be relevant to changing customers needs. However, given regulatory constraints and legacy approaches what will this business model look like for utilities and technology providers?


We help our utilities and technology providers develop targeted Customer Analytics to identify technically feasible customers facilities, help develop and analyze Economic & Financial Values, create value based Customized Business Models and assist with Procurement Process Management and investment-grade Business Case Development.

Customer Analytics

Targeting DER interventions with maximum value for the system and end customer is key to successful DER led transformation. Vrinda has developed a four-step customer analytic process to identify DER opportunities.

Economic and Financial Analysis

Evaluating a DER intervention requires not only a model but an understanding of your business practices, tariff applications and local regulatory constructs. Vrinda helps in customizing economic and financial models, so that utilities can make decisions based on facts, not emotions.

Partnership Development

Traditional vendor-buyer relationship is no longer sufficient where new technology and business models demands risk and reward sharing. We work with our customers to help think through partnership models which optimize risks and rewards

Procurement Process Management

Utilities procuring new technology solutions or buying output from new technologies, are required to make decisions with very limited information. We manage procurement processes, identifying critical parameters to provide assurance to our customers.

Business Case Development

DER technologies are evolving, and it is often a challenge to justify investments using traditional cost benefit analysis. We have developed business cases for DERMS, interconnection portals, solar and storage projects to identify present and future  values and investment grade business cases.

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