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April 5, 2022

Vrinda Inc is excited to join the Energy Thought Summit in Austin and have our COO, Navneet Trivedi participate in a panel discussion around Unlocking the Fleet Electrification Opportunities alongside a group of thought leaders as Andrew Higgins Gary RackliffeKarl Popham Erika H. Myers.

As we inch closer to deadlines for sustainability and net zero goals, utilities and cities are planning for fleet electrification as a way to reduce emissions and decarbonize the energy sector. This panel will discuss how fleet electrification plays into the broader energy transition, the roles different stakeholders play in electrifying large fleets, and challenges and opportunities for utilities as infrastructure for fleet electrification is implemented.

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March 22, 2022

Vrinda Inc was honored to be present at the #ForoXM by having our COO, Navneet Trivedi present and share with the Colombia energy leaders our experiences and thoughts on the role of business models  in adopting technologies for energy transition. We are thankful to be considered a TRUSTED Advisor on the international energy arena and be able to partner and support Colombian energy companies with their Carbon Neutrality Program by adopting the best technologies and processes to reach this goal.
Rapidly changing global landscape modifies the meaning of #netzero and #energyindependence for oil and gas producing countries like #colombia. Rapid #decarbonization can benefit both by making electricity sector more #resilient and country more richer by increased export of resources the World needs.


March 17,2022


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Vrinda at XMFora2022

Vrinda at XMFora2022
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Vrinda at XMFora2022

Vrinda at XMFora2022

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Navneet Trivedi on the Future of the Utility Business Model and Customer Resilience

Navneet Trivedi on the Future of the Utility Business Model and Customer Resilience

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