EV Program Design

How can utilities drive EV adoption?

Vrinda partners with utilities to design programs to help utility customers experience EVs, increase the adoption of electric vehicles and help shape their EV infrastructure investments. 

Our Approach


Facilitate collaboration with utilities, communities, and EV Ecosystem providers to deliver a seamless EV experience to customers. We engage with your team to design and launch innovative EV adoption programs.


  • We work with your team, conduct targeted surveys, and analyze market intelligence to define a program which meets your objectives

  • Understand what your customer/ community wants

  • Identify key drivers for adoption of EVs in your community

  • Business intelligence differentiates you from market


  • We design successful EV programs in partnership with you

  • Leverage your team and knowledge base

  • Incorporate your incentives and targets

  • Work with specific communities

  • Make it most cost-effective program


  • We launch and run programs for you

  • We source Electric Vehicles

  • Help secure EV charging infrastructure

  • Enroll customers and manage commercial arrangements

  • Provide field operation support

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