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EVrinda: Fleet Electrification Platform for Small Businesses

Without the electrification of small fleets, decarbonization of the transportation sector will not be realized. Most large retailers and businesses depend on the delivery of goods and services by independent contractors. 90% of truck fleets in the US are made up of 6 or fewer trucks, similarly, the school bus market is also fragmented, with many small operators who do not have access to knowledge, financing, operational requirements and technology. We understand that small owner-operators are at a disadvantage in the current truck electrification landscape. To address the challenges of small fleet electrification and to empower small businesses through aggregation, Vrinda is proud to announce a new service offering: EVrinda.

EVrinda is an aggregation platform offering that brings qualified customers, innovative financiers, utility expertise, and third party vehicle and charger provider partnerships to develop and implement customized business models to accelerate fleet electrification. EVrinda levels the playing field by working on behalf of fleet owners in a zero down, no hassle approach to get them an electric fleet and support continuous growth of their business.

Read our one-pager to learn more or reach out to us at to discuss opportunities for collaboration!

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