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The analytics market worldwide is projected to grow at US $3.7 billion per year till 2020. There is significant excitement in the industry, while utilities are amused as many are still evaluating the costs and benefits of smart metes and smart grid. Many believe that first smart grid was sold to them, which created a big data problem, and now there are analytics solutions to solve the big data problem, a problem which utilities are still not sure they want to have!

Significant investments are being made in data management, and data scientists are dissecting data on behalf of utilities. However, utilities are still asking basic questions….

Are we ready for sophisticated data analytics solutions? Do we have the right quality data? What are our organizational capabilities? Can we replace critical thinking and operational experience with artificial intelligent robots, who will overwhelm the already-stretched workforce with real time analytics? And even if we have information, will we be able to convert it into real savings opportunities?


Our experience of creating practical, actionable analytics from minimal available data shapes our approach to utility analytics. We believe utilities need to first evaluate the current state their data, its utilization, and their processes to leverage it. They must consider the constraints their current data approach poses to business operations and where new data will help the most. Some of these answers may also shape smart grid deployment strategy. 


We help utilities answer these key questions through the following services:

  • Utility analytics readiness assessment      

  • Utility analytics strategy and roadmap

  • Utility analytics design 

  • Utility analytics implementation

  • Data management organization design

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