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Utility 2.0 Strategy and Operations

Utilities will undergo a large-scale transformation in the next 5 years. Utilities as we know them for past 100 years will not exist in the future. Various technological, regulatory and geopolitical events are shaping the utilities of the future. In developed economies, the slow growth of energy demand coupled with a push for clean energy and energy efficiency will force utilities to re-evaluate their business models across the value chain, while in emerging markets, uneven growth, volatile oil prices, access to electricity, reliability of supply and growing demand challenge utilities to develop new models. What are the operational and commercial models available to utilities to serve customers who may not be looking to buy electricity (core product) from utilities? Are utilities ready to create a service-oriented organization?


There is no one solution. Each utility needs to define their end-state vision, assess their current business and technological landscapes, prepare a roadmap and implement changes with the end-state vision in mind. Various technology providers/service companies are excited about smart grid, analytics and other technology solutions, however each utility needs to step back and ask this long term strategy question: how will the utility look in 2020?


Leveraging our deep international energy and utility sector experience working with more than 100 utilities, we know what will work, and more importantly, what will not work. We provide an honest assessment of utility solutions, which includes assessing your business, organizational, technology, process, and analytical capabilities. 


Our key services include:    

  • Utility business model development 

  • Feasibility studies of Smart Grids    

  • Utility 2.0 - DSP model implementation

  • Program management services

  • Risk and performance management

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