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Smart Grid

After spending billions of dollars in smart metering and related infrastructure, a number of utilities are unable to justify the business case of these investments. Many utilities are taking longer than expected to break even, while industry experts now believe that without implementing and integrating smart meters with upstream T&D grid automation technologies, the value of smart meters may not be realized.


Emerging international utilities are skeptical about smart metering/smart grid solutions as many of the pillars of smart metering business cases identified in developed markets are either non-existent or very difficult to achieve in developing markets. Further, after years of operating grids reliably with limited automation and investment in most situations, utilities around the world wonder if they operated a dumb grid for years, will the billions of dollars generate proportional value?

Aging infrastructure and the changing generation and demand mix provide opportunities and challenges for utilities. Utilities need to evaluate their smart grid strategies and business cases, set up achievable targets, and implement technologies that can create real value. Major trends such as deployment of distributed generation, integration of renewables and demand response technologies, electric vehicles and storage are irreversible, and utilities need to prepare them. 


Our smart grid services are focused on the following key issues:


  • Smart grid feasibility study and roadmap

  • Smart grid business case development

  • Smart grid benefit benchmarking and realization

  • Smart grid implementation management

  • Smart grid regulatory and policies

  • Smart cities design and development

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