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What is the right business model?

The debate about the Utility of the Future is driven by changing customer preferences, advances in clean energy technologies, ever-falling clean technology prices and increased scrutiny due to climate change concerns. C-level executives are concerned about pace of change, regulatory and policy uncertainty and lack of successful business models of utility transformation.


We work with C-level executives and key decision makers to help develop long-term visions and focus on strategic business models based on current and future market trends. Our deep utility industry experience sets us apart. We offer honest insights about the Future of Utility business and help to develop implementable roadmaps and business models for our clients.

Business Solutions
Business Model Design
Business Model Design
Utilities are looking to adopt new business models but many times lack of systematic approach. Vrinda helps develop building blocks of future state business models.

Designing a successful business model requires a systematic approach, a long-term vision, and patience. Vrinda's approach helps utilities identify products and services, refine their value and monetization approach. We help our clients target customers for projects with  the most impact, and help them transform project-based approaches into platform providers.

We help our customers create an end state vision and then help them design business models focused on creating new products & services. These services are driven by multi-value stacking. We guide projects to maturity, resulting in a strong project platform and deeper customer engagement.

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Business Case Development 
Justifying investments in new technologies is difficult due to the risk of stranding legacy investments. Vrinda helps to build successful business cases for  DER technologies to solve current problems.

Our approach to link benefits of new investments to improve quality, reliability, customer services and quantifying them to help utilities make solid business cases which are easy to explain internally and defend externally with regulators and investors.

Vrinda has helped successfully create business cases for investments in interconnection portals, DERMS systems, solar and storage projects leading to investment approvals without subsidies of millions of US dollars.

Case Development
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Business Process Management 
Utilities procuring new technology solutions or buying output from new technologies, are required to make decisions with very limited information. We manage procurement processes, identifying critical parameters to provide assurance to our customers.

Limited information about technologies and legacy procurement processes inhibit utility managers from making faster procurement decisions, especially with new technologies and solutions. For example, utilities are still not confident in making cloud-based solution procurement. We work with utility managers and procurement teams to analyze risks from technology, operations, commercial, and business aspects to help utility managers procure solutions with confidence.


We have successfully helped utilities to make new and complex procurement decisions, managing procurement processes so that utility managers can defend their procurement decisions with confidence.

Process Management

Partnership Development

The traditional vendor-buyer relationship is no longer sufficient where new technology and business models demand risk and reward sharing. We work with our customers to help think through partnership models which optimize risks and rewards

Both utilities and technology providers are struggling to form meaningful partnerships given their traditional approaches and vendor/buyer relationships. This results in long and often failed procurement and deployment of new technology solutions. Our value-based approach helps utilities and technology providers to think outside the box and help utilities work with technology providers to find solutions. We understand the levers of decision making and act as trusted advisers to find value-based solutions.

We have helped C-suite executives to take a long-term view of the value of technology solutions, moving forward some of the most complex projects in the industry.

Partnership Development
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