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Vrinda Quarterly White Papers

Vrinda Inc. in the news


Vrinda's Navneet Trivedi was a keynote speaker at 20th National and International Congress of Public Services, Information and Communication Technologies and Television,  organized by the National Association of Companies of Public Services and Information and Communications Technologies - Andesco,  from Wednesday 4 to Friday, July 6, 2018, in the Plaza Mayor Convention Center of Medellin


Vrinda successfully completed USTDA funded Development of Large Scale interconnection,integration and management of Distributed Energy Resources for Cemig, Brazil's largest distribution utility , April 2018

Vrinda Inc. continued its support to New York Power Authority (NYPA) with their Distributed Energy Transformation program NYPA Edge, January 2018

Vrinda Inc. supported "Grow Local energy" program for Burlington Electric to build  "Net Zero city"

Vrinda worked with ISA Colombia, largest Latin American Transmission utility to develop their 2030/2050 strategy - 2017

Vrinda Inc. was certified Women Owned Enterprise in New York State New York

November 18th, 2016

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