How to monetize the value of DERs?

Renewable energy technologies are transforming utility  operations in significant ways. Focused investment in solar, electric vehicles, and energy storage solutions has brought renewable technologies into the mainstream. After decades of resistance, utilities have started embracing these new technologies. For many utilities in developed markets, the deployment of these technologies creates a business imperative to improve a lagging demand for electricity and hence long-term business sustainability. 



DER Management Planning

DER Management is a hot topic debated by our utility clients. What level of DERs should be monitored, controlled or managed? What is the value of the management of DERs, who get this value? Vrinda is working with utility senior executives to define DER management strategy driven by operational efficiency and business value creation.

Investments in grid modernization--adopting Distributed Energy Resources (DERs)--don’t show a clear return and hard to justify. This often leads to R&D projects going nowhere. We understand present and future values based on our unique view of future of the utility market. We develop compelling value stacks grounded in innovative business models and help utilities and technology providers justify new investments and offerings.


We have helped utilities and technology providers to build investment-grade business cases, allowing them move forward with confidence in the implementation of emerging technologies.


Use Case Development

Justifying investments in new technologies is difficult due to the risk of stranding legacy investments. Vrinda helps to build successful business cases for  DER technologies to solve current problems.


Our approach to link benefits of new investments to improve quality, reliability, customer services and quantifying them to help utilities make solid business cases which are easy to explain internally and defend externally with regulators and investors.

Vrinda has helped successfully create business cases for investments in interconnection portals, DERMS systems, solar and storage projects leading to investment approvals without subsidies of millions of US dollars.


Distribution System Operator 

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