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Groundbreaking Grant Opportunities for transit authorities and private operators

Good News come in PAIRS. This week, Federal Transit Administration part of the Department of Transportation announced 2 Funding opportunities under the Bipartisan Infrastructure Law ( BIL). The funds are allocated under two Programs: 1. Low or No Emission Grant Program and 2. Buses and Bus Facilities Competitive Program, the total amount of funds is almost 1.5 billion dollars.

The purpose of these Grants is:

1. The Low-No Program is to support the transition of the nation’s transit fleet to the lowest polluting and most energy efficient transit vehicles. The Low-No Program provides funding to state and local governmental authorities for the purchase or lease of zero-emission and low-emission transit buses, including acquisition, construction, and leasing of required supporting facilities.

2.The Buses and Bus Facilities Program is to assist in the financing of buses and bus facilities capital projects, including replacing, rehabilitating, purchasing or leasing buses or related equipment, and rehabilitating, purchasing, constructing or leasing bus-related facilities.


The funds are designated to recipients as states, local governmental authorities, fixed-route bus operators, local governmental authorities that operate fixed- route bus service, and Indian tribes. Eligible subrecipients for Buses and Bus Facilities include all otherwise eligible applicants and also private nonprofit organizations engaged in public transportation.

The deadline for applications and proposals is May 31st, 2022, therefore we encourage all our clients, partners and potential customers to reach out to us to discuss the details on the Programs, the application and the proposals preparation and submission processes.

Vrinda team will be attending the 2 webinars hosted by FTA in order to provide more details and guidance on these opportunities. @vrindainc


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